I should have told you that I also experienced thinking of the best business ideas. That I really thought it was already my big break! However, I’ve come to a point of realization that no matter how effortful you enter into many businesses, if it’s not for you, it’s really not for you. 

Business ideas may just be everywhere. It can possibly be just one of these: have few and fish none, or have many and fish few, or have many and fish none, or have one and fish one. Which have you got in your business search?

Will you agree if I say that what works for the other may work or not work on you? For over eight loooong years before, I kept on searching what I really wanted to do with my life. Yes, I temporarily got the answer from my friend, but later, I realized that my friend was not me. She really liked me doing some things not in my bucket list of dreams. She thought I would excel on teaching, but we were both wrong. When I taught kids for two years, I often ended up writing. After teachers’ meetings, I still wrote anything under the sun literally.

Another, one colleague told me to enter into a refreshment business idea. It was the trend…they say. It was what people needed. I accepted the sweet proposal and help, but I ended up losing my financial capital. My enthusiasm to sell juices and other refreshment products was not a luck on my palm.



    Let me quote, “Parents are the first teachers”. From our childhood years, our parents often set their dreams for us. From the smallest detail of our lives, many parents would plan the kind of life and career their children should pursue. However, results would just either be a failure or success. It’s always good to have parents back kids.


    Nowadays, people include friends to the most significant people in their lives. Teenagers, for example, spend most of their times with their peers at school and/or out of school. Sharing each others’ dream is not a rare business for them but a norm that invites free will to share. Business ideas can enter in their conversations at the most expected ways. Coupled with laughs, a  lot of ideas may be creatively created.


    Unexpectdly, a number of successful businessmen were good at keen observation. From the starting point of their business ventures, they were like benchmarking the best practices of people who were not related to them, but somewhat best at inspiring them.


    The international network indeed brings the people together, from the farthest part to the nearest place of the entire globe. Everything is already spoon fed in the online world. Try to google a letter of your idea and it gives you tons of references. Here, you can find many ideas ranging from business to personal life. Business ideas are the topmost offers of the internet in this fast-changing world.

  5. SELF

    Of course, it is you. What do you want to do? What is your passion? This is a no-forcing choice for your business. Among all people, nothing brings you to somewhere without your earnest permission.


Yeah, business ideas can be everywhere.