Work from home is getting extremely trendy and is now highly considered the ‘normal’ job.

You might be one of those who juggle tons of household chores and income-source tasks  from their work from home. How do you manage your being an effective mother at the same time a potential earner and a contributing bread winner at home?

Take note, anyone who is a housewife or housekeeper and, at the same time, an online earner is an extraordinary honor mothers can have. This is not for all, but those brave moms who courageously engage into work from home while rearing and taking care of their children are just few in a million.


Ways and Style of Work From Home Moms

“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.”

Let’s not talk about your ways of effectively balancing work from home and putting housewife tasks in order. Choose which one is exactly YOU.

1. The Balanced Mom. Do you manage to follow a work schedule everyday? Parents who are able to set their daily patterned routines drawing first what specific time they have to help in doing household chores, bonding with children, buying goods at the market, sleeping… and performing work from home. They have this timetable of daily activities. To put things in order, they immediately prepare themselves to offer the best service for their clients.

2. The Persistent Mom. These are those who work from home moms that set aside their job when their kids are around. They do not want their kids or husband to feel their busy work schedule. To render work service, they are awake when their family members are sleeping, even reaching  the dawning of the day just to finish and make income-giving job still highly effective. In exchange, their boss or clients still recognize their competence without feeling how they are at home. They can be their best self even if they lack number of hours sleeping. How about you? Do you sleep less and still feel good?

3.The Supermom. The mothers who are very mobile and active are closely under this style. They can bathe their kids and run to answer phone calls if necessary. In reality some moms can just give many  instructions or commands to fellow members in the family while fronting the computer screen and doing blog writing. They run here and there just to catch the deadlines without setting aside the demands of their kids. Most  of the times, they do not really  take care of themselves anymore because of lack of time. They go beyond the normal reasons of many mothers that a human body is just one. “Supermoms” can multiply their bodies just to ensure commitments.


4. The relaxed. If you believe that work does not deserve to be given attention or worry, you can be the “relaxed” mom at home. If you do work from home rarely or occasionally because of your belief that kids are your first, second and third  priority, and work from home is just the nth, then you are “the relaxed”. There is nothing wrong with this style. In fact, you are an example of “family first before anything” principle.

5. The workaholic mom. This is about purely working at home to earn money for family’s financial sustenance. They choose to hire maids to take care of their kids than to leave their job idle and earn nothing. They are very particular in terms of cash that goes to their bank account for a living. Though they let  others take care of the household chores, they still do not allow unawareness of what is going on inside their households since they work just inside their house.

Mothers, indeed, have different ways to carry out demands of their family. Those who work from home are just learning various routines that can make their life easier.


Most  people fail not because of lack of desire, but because of lack of commitment.”