How to get rich in 2019 is not an ABC. It is actually closed to impossibility, but even the molecular-shaped chance can be a dream come true in 2019. One, two or three betters even won in lottery with more than millions of betters. Yes, even the tiniest needle  can be seen in a hay or treasures were even searched in the farthest jungle as records tell. Similarly, the answer to how to get rich can be found in 2019  is a puzzle…a puzzle with answer. Who would not want to become rich?

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The dream of getting rich in is not bad at all. It never was and will be. It only means that one has a vision of dreaming, that you have a dream of making your aspirations come true for yourself and family, that you are capable of creatively imagining what an achiever is capable of. While some say that getting rich does no good to people because it is not of use anymore when a man is buried six feet under. However, it remains a fulfillment to many because of that satisfying feeling of security.

How to get rich? Feng Shui experts have shared voluminous of luck ideas. Colors of clothes to use, numbers to remember, interior house designs and more. But these do not guarantee good fortune. Your life is not dependent on a toss of coin. Not on a crystal ball. Not on nightmare’s lotto numbers.These are just good dreams to remember.

How to get rich is still a matter of choice, or a combination of choice and chance. Here are some questions that you may or may not answer to be rich:

  1. Are you hardworking?

Dreaming of getting rich will remain a dream forever if you do not exert efforts in your undertakings. No person improves himself if he does not work for it to make it work out. It is similar to wanting to eat but not cooking or purchasing. The end line is dying.


  1. Do you have money or have you saved money or will you have the chance to see money?


  1. Do you have a knowledge on how to increase your savings?


  1. Do you spend less and save more?

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Start exploring the ways to save money. Earn and get rich!