Why do many teachers stay in their profession? Why some don’t and others die?

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Many public school teachers in the Philippines have been reportedly ‘unsatisfied, frustrated and regretful’ over and about their teaching profession – TEACHING. Such a record is an alarm that threatens to rock the face of education if it remains unaddressed.

In the last year, many teachers had committed suicide because of the intolerable personal situation related to their teaching career. A few revealed how depressed they were for the ongoing completion of many school-related forms, while other DepEd teachers were allegedly due to unsolved financial obligations. The suicidal commission is an attempt of cowardice and low discernment, which calls for everyone’s more self-control and good decision making at all times.

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As to the teachers who failed to get satisfied with their profession, taking the degree in four years, added with additional year for examination and attendance to trainings was not an overnight decision-making. This gives more reasons why the teachers should not say that the classroom is not for them. It later sounds a question of sanity and firmness.

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Accordingly, the underlying reasons of such reactions, expressions and emotions include the ‘overloaded’ paperworks, low compensation, ‘negative’ environment, ‘abusive leaders’, and more. These are an addition to the race of how one responses to the forces that can make or unmake him to become a better or wholesome individual. After all, life is not an ABC.

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Public school teachers, or any educator in different institution, should firstly consider the arena they will be performing. Such a profession is never easily like a worn cloth that is changed if unfit.

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