The study habit and academic performance of the students today remain to be inextricably connected, revealed by a recent study of the group of the Senior High School Students who have been research enthusiasts and ‘pro’.

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It was stated that after correlating the variables the study habit and academic performance of the students, results indicated that these have high correlation, which further stated that the low study habit resulted to low academic performance of the students in general.

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Psychology experts collectively stated that there are so many factors affecting the children’s study habit and academic performance these days. The following factors were also indicated in the conducted study about study habit and academic performance of the students.

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These three factors include the following:

1. Technology.

More than 50% of many individual’s time goes to social media researching not for their assignments, but for their celebrity idols. These has ended the idea of study habit and academic performance.

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2. Peer pressure.

Are your child’s friends studious? Are your student’s friends manifesting good academic performance?

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3. Physical environment.

This includes the learning environment of a child – be it at home or at school. Is its inviting? Is it motivating? Is it challenging?

The results to the relationship between the study habit and academic performance of the students in this 21st century education have been deeply rooted to many social issues, which change from time to time.

How about you? Do you have any story to share? Anything related to study habit and academic performance?

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