Teachers Salary Increase 2019 is a very common topic all educators are talking about in the country. Philippines for one is considered as an abode of many teacher individuals looking for the answer to a long-time dream of looking at the payslip with a bigger number and giving the families a decent living. An answer to the concerted thunderous voices all shouting for realization of the teachers salary increase 2019 can be the most gratifying and joyous feeling among the unsung heroes of the nation.

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The question is, will this be realized this year?

“I’m willing to strike a deal sa mga maestra (with teachers). You can choose the date, [this] January. We can make an agreement or manifesto, kayo ang isusunod ko this year (you will come next this year). Kayo ang pinakamarami eh (Your ranks have the most number among civil servants),” said President Duterte during the groundbreaking of a school in Bulacan. This pertains to teachers salary increase 2019.

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A positive answer to their call for the teachers’ salary increase can give these people more motivations to impart learning at school. Whether one accepts or not, no one can fully focus on a job if he knows that there is nothing more money to pay the children’s fees and family expenses.

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Grant of such voices on teachers salary increase 2019 has given the Philippine educators the silver lining, an answer to their financial problems and life’s stability. Hopefully…