President Duterte considers corporal punishment imposed by parents to help children turn into ‘law-abiding citizens’.

“Such manner of undertaking corporal punishment has given rise to beneficial results for society, with countless children having been raised up to become law-abiding citizens with a healthy respect for authority structures in the wider community,” Duterte said.

He added that Philippines should not go after what the other countries see, which sees the act as outdated.


Photo courtesy: Nikkei Asian Review 2019

However, Duterte agreed that children should be given topmost protection against humiliation, hence, vetoing the consolidated Senate Bill No. 1477 and House Bill No. 8239, he stressed that it does not include the households. 

“I do not share such an overly sweeping condemnation of the practice,” he added. The bill includes the measure seeking protection of minors from any form of violence at home, school, and other institutions. Duterte emphasized that the parents play the role of making the kids feel that they are loved. Discipline, accordingly, does not embody abuse and hatred.

“Regrettably, this bill places such responsible disciplining of children in the same category as humiliating and degrading forms of punishment, and condemns them all in one bad stroke,” he further said.

The measure of the bill would permit the government to breach a family’s privacy, according to the President.

“The bill transgresses the proper boundaries of State intervention in the life of the family, the sanctity and autonomy of which is recognized by the Constitution,” he said.

“Indeed, in many instances such trends are of doubtful benefit even for the very countries which originated and popularized them. To uncritically follow the lead of these countries, especially in matters as significant as the family, would be a great disservice to the succeeding generations,” Duterte mentioned.

He emphasized the need to uphold the country’s culture of making the nation a safe home for children.