Checking out scholarship programs? That’s right. It signifies hope, which can  make a big difference. Scholarships in the Philippines for college students are now becoming multitude and open for many, not only for exceedingly academic excellent individuals.

Young graduates who are persistent and resourceful are now directed in terms of their education because of scholarship programs. Nothing comes so easy.

Adage may be, but it is true timelessly. The weakest person on earth is he who gives up so easily and ends up hopeless and dreamless; the most idiot is he who does not know how to make things possible; the most coward is he who is afraid of taking the risks.

You may have known many youth and adults these days who have shared the same stories of hopelessness…or they had had no chance to pursue education. These actually were not able to take a scholarship program.

I hope you are one of the students who want to endure and surpass struggles just to finish schooling. Take note, what is four to five years of extra hard work, than to have a serious inadequate financial support forever.

Scholarship programs in the Philippines these days, particularly in Davao Region,  are just elsewhere. With just few steps coupled with hardwork and endurance, you can have the arm to complete the degree you have long dreamed of because of scholarship grants you can possibly  have.

Here is a list of scholarship programs in the Philippines:

  1. Academic Scholarship Programs.

Many universities, if not all, offer scholarship grants to the students who earned academic honors in their secondary education. There is a certain grades that should be maintained. If consistently getting higher marks in all subjects in every semester, a grantee can make it until end of his college years. Along with the offers of this scholarship opportunity is an additional cash allowance per semester.

     2. CHED Scholarship Programs.

-State Scholarship Program

-Study Now Pay Later

-Grant-in-aid Tulong Dunong

-Private Education Financial Assistance Scholarship

       3. DOST Scholarship Programs

Are you inclined with Science and Technology? Or got a high rating in these fields? This scholarship is granted to the students who garnered high aptitude in Science and Mathematics. Another qualification is the preference of pursuing degrees related to science and technology.

     3.  Student Athletes Scholarship Programs

If you excel  or have proven earned records in any sporting game, you can be granted with a scholarship grant for your skill. It is an understatement that you are privileged to get a scholarship grant. In fact, you can even earn a living while studying because your skill may serve as a product for marketing.

     4. Scholarship for Performing Artists (Dancer, Singer, Painter, Etc.)

Talent can bring the owner to far. With your talent , in dancing for example, you can be one of the grantees of a scholarship program for performing artists. Performing arts are a discipline that is given attention these days.

     5. National Commission for Indigenous Peoples

The NCIP has a scholarship program that prioritizes the interested students who belong to indigenous group.

Discrimination has no place in a nation that grows people. Everyone deserves equality and equity.

    6. OWWA Scholarship Grant

The interested children of the Overseas Filipino Workers can be grantees of OWWA scholarship program.

General Qualifications

Here are the general qualifications to initially proceed to applying in any of the scholarship programs.

  1. Filipino citizen
  2. Incoming college (Some scholarships are offered to those who step in second, third or fourth year already)
  3. Any gender
  4. Interested

What else do you need to know?

  • Be inquisitive. By asking, you can have a hint as to your  next viewpoint and plan. You will be informed
  • Be resourceful. Nothing comes so easy. With your strong enthusiasm, you can be at a higher edge if you are resourceful at all times.
  • Be willing to fall in line. There is always a specific number of slots in almost, if not all, scholarship programs. The slots are unequal to the number of applicants, so you should be wiling to wait and be patient in falling in line. As per the study made, a number of applicants backed out because of days of processing.
  • Process early. You should be prompt in processing your application. Even if you are the most qualified applicant, if you apply late, you will have nothing but ‘sorry’.
  • Be confident. You will be taking tests and prompted to interviews alone, but many other applicants will be in line with you. Learn how to outsmart through confidence.

Scholarship programs these days are just steps away. Take it.

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