After President Duterte’s promised salary increase for teachers, a government-accredited group said that they do not want a ‘too good to be true’ pay escalation, but only P30,000 salary increase for the entry level teaching positions.

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Teacher Federations expressed sentiments on the salary increase by sending letters to the Office of the President. They said that the ‘meager’ monthly remuneration makes it difficult for them to budget their expenses and loans.

Further, the automatic deduction of bank loan amortization and financial obligations in the private lending institutions gave the majority of them the net-take home pay of only P5,000, which is definitely not enough to cover all the personal expenses.

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A number of teachers shared their situations including their most budgeted meals a day and other inevitable expenses in the classroom.

Meanwhile, thousands of posts have been circulating on the social media regarding the increasing number of workloads and requirements to accomplish especially the reports within and at the end of the year.